Coastal Pride Company, Inc. has specialized in importing and selling crabmeat since January 1, 1992. The Lubkin family has three generations of experience with crabmeat. Our primary labels are Lubkin’s (Portunus Pelagicus) and Lubkin's First Choice (Portunus Haanii) from China. We sell over 2 million pounds of pasteurized and fresh crabmeat each year. Pasteurized crabmeat comprises 85% of our crabmeat sales, but we also bring in fresh meat from Venezuela and Mexico. Coastal Pride searched in Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Venezuela and China for plants with knowledgeable management and the proper facilities to furnish us with the best crabmeat available. These plants pack meat to our specifications so that every time a customer opens a can they will consistently receive the same high quality crabmeat. All of the plants that pack our meat are HACCP certified. Ask about our value added products!
Lubkin's Coastal Pride crabmeat
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